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A total of 83 countries were represented this year. I don't have the total of baptisms of water & spirit but there were a number of them.

Saint Laurent UPC, Montreal, Quebec – Pastor Paul Graham

There were 76 Nationalities represented, 113 visitors, 17 repented, 1 baptized, 9 received the Holy Ghost, 7 renewals, 8 Home Bible Studies.

New Horizon Temple, Elmwood Park, Illinois – Pastor David Sagil

18 visitors, 13 cultures represented, 1 baptized in Jesus Name, and 149 total attendance.

Rochester Pentecostal Church, Rochester, Minnesota – Pastor Robert Kaske

5 visitors, 3 cultures represented, to date this year over 30 have been baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost, total attendance 90.

New Life Church, Garden City, Michigan – Pastor Chris Smothers

10 visitors, 4 cultures represented, total attendance 40.

Christian Life Apostolic, St. Cloud, Minnesota – Pastor Melvin Gray

25 visitors, 8 cultures represented, total attendance 80.

Solid Rock Worship Center, Egg Harbor, New Jersey – Pastor DonDavid Hanscom

We had 15 nationalities represented in our service on Sunday. We did not have anyone receive the Holy Ghost that day, but several were praying in the altar. We are not sure how many visitors or the exact attendance. We had an All Nations Sunday dinner after service with all kinds of food from different cultures. It was awesome!!!

First United Pentecostal Church, Savannah, Georgia – Pastor David Hodge

5 visitors, 11 cultures represented, four were baptized and four received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost. A group from Saint Vincent sang, and a group from Haiti sang in Creol.

Community United Pentecostal Church of NDG, Montreal, Quebec – Pastor Benjie Terrible

25 cultures represented, 126 first time guest this year, total attendance 402!!! Pardon my excitement. We bought into ANS and it works for us. You can view the service or portions of the service on our website: We have songs, sign interpretation, a flag parade, preaching directed toward a multi-culture church, and a great dinner of all nations followed. It really shows the variety of cultures in our community that we are truly a multi-cultural church and they are welcome.

Life United Pentecostal Church, Hinesville, Georgia – Pastor Thomas Crutchfield

25 Visitors, 7 cultures represented, 1 baptized in Jesus Name, total attendance 60.

Abundant Life Tabernacle UPC, Whitby, Ontario, – Pastor Ezekiel Martin

We had a very successful ANS. 197 total attendance with 4 receiving Holy Ghost and 1 Baptized. Our Spanish folks prepared a Mexican Fiesta! Great day! Sending $250 from our church as an ALL NATIONS SUNDAY offering.

East Ridge United Pentecostal Church, Chattanooga, Tennessee – Pastor Terry Arnold

This past All Nation Sunday, precious saints and visitors from ten different countries -- including Liberia, Uganda, Togo, Mexico, Austria, Greece and the Philippines -- assembled to worship the Lord together and hear the preaching of the Word of God! And of course, it is a CLC All Nations Sunday tradition to celebrate our oneness every year with a huge feast after service showcasing the many flavors of our cultures.

Christian Life Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota – Pastor David Kent.

Nations represented: China, Jamaica, Ghana, Cherokee Indian, Canada and USA. Total Attendance: 250

Riverside Apostolic Church, Morgantown, West Virginia – Pastor David M. Hudson

Nations represented: India, Pakistan, Venezuela, El Salvador, Cameroon, Kenya, St. Lucian Island, Jamaica, England, Vietnam, South Korea, Ghana, Philippines, Haiti, Spain, Japan, China, Thailand, and USA. Most of these already have the Holy Ghost and are members of our church regularly. We had a Multicultural food fair after service with 8 nations represented for cuisine sampling. It was very successful. Total attendance: 461.

TurnPoint Apostolic Church, Groveport, Ohio – Pastor Joseph Arata

“All Nation Sunday was very exciting for our assembly. Our Goal: To promote evangelism by dissolving our differences while highlighting unity and cultural diversity. We had total attendance of 115 with 5 first-time visitors. Nationalities represented: Guyanese, St. Vincentians, St. Lucian, Jamaican, Haitian, Trinidadian, Nigerian, and American. To culminate the event, our pastor surprised the congregation by appearing in a stately Nigerian outfit. The congregation erupted in laughter. We had a wonderful time as we identified that culturally we are more alike than we are different and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made by our heavenly father. We are looking forward for a more exciting and wonderful time next year”.

Open Door Apostolic Church, Brooklyn, NY – Pastor Miguel Garrick

Language groups: 14; Groups Represented: American, Greek, Cuban, Mexican, Eritrean, Sudanese, Liberian, Native American (Apache), Canadian, Norwegian, German, Pakistani, Indian, Filipino. We had a total attendance of 153, and 3 received the Holy Ghost.

The Pentecostals of Salt Lake City, Utah – Pastor Ronald Rice

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