Chinese Evangelism

The Chinese Evangelism Ministry is committed to helping you understand how to reach the Chinese in North America.  We train pastors and leaders to establish Chinese Apostolic preaching points in North America, as well as prepare individuals with a burden for Chinese evangelism to evangelize and disciple the Chinese in their region.

How You Can Be Involved
If you have a burden for reaching out to Chinese friends in your area, contact our team.  They can personally instruct you on how to take the next step and direct you to the proper resources.

As part of our commitment to equip you for evangelism in your community, the Chinese Evangelism Ministry has worked diligently to amass great resources, including over 70 hours of Bible Study in Chinese on DVD.   Several other resources exist as well.  Please contact us, and we will be glad to supply you with specific tools to effectively reach the Chinese in your area.

Remember that you can access tracts at any time in any language at

Contact Information:

Mark Morgan, Coordinator

Paul Li, Assistant Coordinator

Contact the Chinese Evangelism Ministry Director


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