Ministry to the Nations

“We are excited to see what is unfolding at one of the most secure and exclusive operations in the world,” said Pastor Art Wilson of The International Church of Metro Detroit, MI.

For over 3 years Art Wilson and staff has been holding services at the United Nations in New York. He ministers on the 27th floor, and also has held services in the UN conference hall, and across the street in the UN chapel! 33 have been baptized in the Name of Jesus to date!

Art Wilson feels that the people attending the UN services are hungry for God. He has had numerous guest at the UN services such as Bishop David Bernard, Lee Stoneking, Don Hanscom, Royce Andrus, Robert Henson, Carlton Coon, David Trammell, Vani Marshall. In April of 2015 Don Hanscom and the UPCI Multicultural Ministries team held an official board meeting in a reserved conference room, and on June 29th Art Wilson hosted a United Nations Tour which consisted of over 65 leaders and pastors of the UPCI.

“And this gospel….will be preached in the whole world…. to all nations…” Matthew 24:14

The Lord is calling whoever is hungry into His church, There has been many get baptized including Buddhists, Muslims, and Hindus. Many different nationalities and religions regularly attend service and many of the individuals represent their respective counties and cultures at the highest level. “Jesus is bringing them into the church and with the Lord’s help they will have the tools necessary to take this gospel back and reach their world! Our plan is to keep moving forward with the Bible studies and evangelistic services as long as Jesus keeps the door open!


Contact Information
Rev. Art Wilson
Pastor of the International Church of Metro Detroit and WAFUNIF Goodwill Ambassador
(313) 995-6466



Multicultural Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church resources evangelism towards the numerous cultures represented in the United States and Canada.


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