Middle Eastern Evangelism

The Goal of Middle Eastern Evangelism is to share the Apostolic Truth with the millions of Christian and Muslim Middle Easterners, who live in North America, and to assimilate them in apostolic churches and disciple them to reach and minister to their own community in North America and their native countries.

More Muslims have converted to Christianity in the last 30 years than in the previous 1400 years. Because of our Oneness Pentecostal doctrine, lifestyle of holiness and modesty, and the experience of the miraculous power of God, we believe the the United Pentecostal Church is well positioned to minister to the Muslim Community in North America.




  • There are over 6 million Middle Easterners in North America.
  • 63 percent of Middle Easterners are Christian.
  • 25 percent of Muslims in North America are Arab, but the largest Muslim group in America is African American, followed by Asian American.
  • The Muslim population in the United States is projected to grow by 77% in the next 10 years.


How You Can Be Involved


  • Would you like to reach out to the Middle Eastern members of your community?
  • Are you near a college campus with a large Middle Eastern population?  Why not mobilize your church to reach out?


The Middle Eastern Evangelism Ministry can empower you for these causes.  We can provide special insight concerning cultural practices, religious traditions, methods for outreach and creating connections, during training sessions at your church or online.  We will help you learn to minister to Middle Easterners; simply email us at (MEE@upci.org) and we will supply you with helpful information.




Please visit Middle eastern evangelism Facebook page for video and https://www.facebook.com/MiddleEasternEvangelism

We have written tracts and bible studies in Arabic and Farsi (Persian) which are available on GlobalTracts.com 

Additionally, Rev. Farhad Majdi has authored The Handbook of Ministry to Muslims for Apostolic Pentecostals, which can help you effectively evangelize the Muslim community in your area. To receive a copy, please e-mail: sciprof2010@gmail.com.




Contact Information

S. Azar 



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