The MCM Missionary program is designed to assist churches in planting a daughter work or assimilating a culture of people into the local church. This program focuses on groups with language or strong cultural barriers. Missionaries deputize and raise a budget, then begin assignments from 4-6 months partnered with a local church to establish a new work in the culture of focus. The financial burden on the local church is minimal, as the Missionary has already raised a budget. The purpose of the Missionary is two-fold: 1. Plant the work, and 2. Train leaders to continue the work (in partnership with the pastor)

Meet our Multicultural Missionaries

An established church may request a Multicultural Missionary to work with a particular culture or language group with the intent to plant and establish a church. Click the buttons to the left to download applications.


Darrell & Cindy Collins

Jeff & Paulette Ready

Ernest & Mary Martinez

Charles & Jacqueline Harvey

Mike & Gina Lacsamana

Greg & Hawiyda Byers

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Multicultural Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church resources evangelism towards the numerous cultures represented in the United States and Canada.


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